Why on earth did I think my family would like camping?

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Last week I enjoyed my first foreign holiday for six years. While in Spain I realised that the holiday grass is actually much greener on the other side.

My normal summer holiday involves camping in Cornwall, where days would be spent body boarding in the freezing sea.

This would be followed by a BBQ which is normally cooked in the sea mist and drizzle, accompanied by a warm beer from the camping fridge.

On average when camping in the UK you must be prepared for rain and when it comes, you find yourself confined to your tent hoping it doesn’t leak.

Within hours of arriving in Spain and not having to put up a tent I quickly realised camping for the past few years had been a massive mistake.

What was I thinking putting my family through such a rubbish summer holiday experience?

I realise camping is a few hundred pounds cheaper than going abroad, but in future I will definitely be happy to pay a bit more for guaranteed fun in the sun.

Lou: Camping isn’t that bad. Yes I know it can be a bit miserable if it’s raining, but then isn’t any holiday ruined by too much rain?

Kids absolutely love it.

I remember my parents renting a holiday house and my sister and I insisting on sleeping in a tent in the garden.

It’s exciting because it’s so different and it feels like you’re going on your own little adventure.

It’s lovely to leave behind the TV, hairdryer and microwave and get back to nature.

Yes trekking to the toilets can be a bit of a pain, but it’s so worth it.

And these days you can survive pretty comfortably with things like airbeds, cosy camping chairs and portable fridges – it’s becoming more like glamping than camping.

Of course the best way to get the best of both camping and a posh villa holiday is to go camping abroad.

No rain, warm evenings, and possibly even a pool to boot.

But I think it’s probably too late to persuade Jez, he’s already listed the tent on eBay!