Why our local sausage king got a postcard from India

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ZELLA COMPTON: Looking afresh at our beautiful spot in the world

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Is Phil’s sausage shop in Lee-on-the-Solent the best sausage shop ever, or what? Surely that can’t be argued with.

To prove the point, my husband even sent Phil (who has no clue who my husband is) a postcard from India after a particularly disappointing brush with odd sausages in the middle of Kerala.

This then spurred the children into action and sparked many a debate about which random semi-strangers we know who would enjoy receiving a mystery postcard from us.

Luckily, the initial enthusiasm for such a project was outweighed by the onerous physical action of actually writing any. So sadly the Queen, the prime minister and Bob the Builder never did get a confusing card from the Comptons.

Anyway, back to the sausage shop. It’s been there for a while now and its wares have become the staple fare of any social gatherings we have.

I have to admit that when it comes to catering for friends or family, I get hopelessly lost. I can’t manage to clean the house, look presentable, round up the children and keep them penned in and provide a mean spread at the same time.

I usually get about a half of each of these actions successfully done – half the bathroom is cleaned, half my hair looks good and half the children are well-behaved.

It’s beyond me how so many women achieve the full monty with apparently little effort. You know who I’m talking about, the ones who have a buffet fit for a king, sparkling surfaces, no plastic soldiers hanging from the stairs and they even manage to speak in a civilised manner to their partner all night – even when he mops up wine spillages with the wrong thing.

So I’ve settled on using the old sausage shop as an easy, yet delicious, way of catering. It’s kids’ party food for adults. What could be better than to bite into a fantastic sausage in a baguette?

There is a downside though. Like when you choose four flavours of sausage, have a few drinks, muddle up said flavours in the oven and then watch unsuspecting guests who got the hot and spicy ones turn puce.

So be warned. Convenient catering also needs to be controlled.