Why so much reluctance to see 20mph zones extended?

COMMENT: The return of good weather shouldn’t bring dread

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I’m always surprised to hear that drivers actually need telling that 30mph is too fast for a residential street – surely it’s obvious?

It’s great to hear that 20mph zones are to be introduced in Hayling Island and Fareham because, of course, we’re no strangers to this concept in Portsmouth.

Whenever I enter a 20mph zone those big red warning circles remind me to slow down. But the narrow confines of streets often double-lined with parked cars should have already alerted me to that fact anyway.

People seem to have a peculiar reluctance to adhere to a 20mph zone but no-one can’t afford the time to slow down a little, especially when the end result might mean the avoidance of an accident and the preservation of a precious human life.