Why use a bag for a bottle?

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Can someone please tell me why people bother putting the bottle of wine they’re giving someone as a birthday gift into one of those thin present bags that are only ever used for bottles of wine?

At least try to disguise the fact it’s wine by putting it in some other type of bag!

You may as well have wrapped the bottle of wine in cling film or some other see-through plastic

Some of these present bags for wine even have pictures of wine bottles on them. What’s the point of that?

You may as well have wrapped the bottle of wine in cling film or some other see-through plastic.

Make an effort...

Memo to record companies that specialise in compilation albums – if you’re going to call your album The Ultimate Collection, don’t just put 10 or12 hits on it from the act in question.

If it really is The Ultimate Collection, it should have recordings of everything they’ve ever played or sung everywhere in the world.

Including stuff they sang in school choirs and stuff they’ve sung in the shower.

Otherwise, it’s not really grasping the meaning of the word ‘ultimate’, is it?

Question for all the chocolate-lovers out there: Are chocolate chip cookies or biscuits always going to be a bit of a disappointment because, at the end of the day, if you’re a chocolate lover, you’re going to want a lot of chocolate in your biscuits, instead of just a few chips?

I can live with chocolate digestives, because they’ve got a whole side of the biscuit covered in chocolate.

But when the chocolate is just in little pieces randomly placed inside the biscuit, I just can’t get excited.

And I reckon a lot of other people are the same, which is why there seem to be loads more double chocolate chip cookies on sale now.

I even saw a triple chocolate muffin the other day! So, can we just do away with the single chocolate chip cookies now, if you don’t mind?