Why wouldn’t my coat zip up? Because it wasn’t my coat!

The Most Rev Bishop Michael Curry gives an address during the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and Zella love it    CREDIT:  Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

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In preparation for New York and the upcoming festivities, I had a bit of a body makeover.

It started with my best friend Denise doing my nails (festive glittery red with ring fingers in green – honestly, it looks good).

Then I went and had my eyelashes done and my hair cut, coloured and then expertly curled.

As I went to leave the salon and retrieved my coat, I started walking up the road and couldn’t quite do up the zip.

I was thinking ‘I haven’t even had lunch yet, why won’t it do up?’.

Then I realised what had happened – I had gone and picked up another lady’s coat instead of mine.

When I returned to swop it back, the receptionist just couldn’t contain her laughter!