Will my girls rock with me?

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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I’ve always been a fan of Michael Jackson’s music.

It started when I was young and my dad would put a tape of the Motown 25th Anniversary concert into the VCR.

It included Jackson’s famous performance of Billie Jean and the star gliding backwards with that memorable moonwalk.

From that moment on I was a fan – despite the fact that when this concert was first transmitted on TV I was a year way from being born.

Sometimes I wonder if my children will enjoy any music that was released long before they entered the world.

Caitlin was singing a tune this week – Jackson’s Rock With You.

I was wondering where she had learned the lyrics and then remembered that the song is my mobile phone ring tone. She’d simply picked up the words from all the times my phone had gone off.

I was impressed that Caitlin likes the same music as her daddy but when I suggested we put on the album she said she’d rather watch Peppa Pig.

I’m still going to try to teach her the moonwalk though.