Will these crazy young tombstoners never learn?

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WE have lost count of the number of times over the years that we have condemned the deadly craze of tombstoning.

But if yet another plea saves one young life or prevents another teenager from becoming a quadriplegic, it will have been worth it.

If you’re a parent and have no idea what tombstoning is all about, take a look at the video at portsmouth.co.uk.

It shows two youths taking long run-ups and hurling themselves off the Round Tower at Old Portsmouth before plunging 35ft into the entrance to Portsmouth Harbour.

They are heart-stopping moments.

The water there is shallow; there are jagged rocks near the surface; there are wicked currents and, of course, that harbour entrance is busy.

Everything from warships and giant cross-Channel ferries to yachts and launches are constantly going in and out.

The video was shot on a mobile phone by a member of the public and published by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution after it was passed to them.

Rogan Wheeldon, the RNLI lifeguard supervisor at Southsea says: ‘Tombstoning anywhere is incredibly dangerous but this footage is some of the most dangerous I’ve ever seen.

‘Our advice is simple. Please don’t tombstone.

‘You will be risking broken limbs, paralysis or death for a quick thrill. It’s not worth it.’

We’ve said it before; they’ve said it before – but still it goes on and probably always shall.

Like the first cuckoo of spring we all know that at the first hint of a heatwave the daredevil lads (and they are nearly always young men) seeking an adrenalin rush and with a desperate need to show off, will chance their arm – and every other limb – to jump into the sea from something high.

It’s been going on for generations and among some has almost become a rite of passage, a badge of honour.

Perhaps they should meet Sonny Wells, from Waterlooville, who was paralysed in 2008 when he jumped off South Parade Pier... and ask him where he wears his.

To watch the tombstoning video click here.