Will we cope with pre-school as well?

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Before Caitlin was born, many people told us to enjoy her baby years because before we knew it, she’d be going to school.

At the time I didn’t realise how true that would turn out to be.

But I had another ‘where has the time gone?’ moment this week when we went to visit a pre-school for Caitlin to attend in September.

When I was sitting at QA hospital in the summer of 2009 with a tiny Caitlin looking up at me, I never imagined she would turn into a little girl who would one day be going to school so soon.

Well, not quite school. But the bit that comes before that.

The main reason we want to send her to a pre-school is so that she can mix with other children her own age on a regular basis and learn with them through play.

After some research on the internet, and asking friends and family for their recommendations, I booked an appointment.

And a week later, off we went for the visit.

Caitlin knows what a school is from her older cousins.

They painted a lovely picture that actually made it sound more like an exciting theme park rather than a place of pre-school education.

When we asked Caitlin what she was most looking forward to when she eventually does go to school, she answered: ‘Playing in the sand with the kids and going down the big slide.’

So it’s fair to say that she was quite looking forward to going.

Off we went to have a look around, wondering if Caitlin would interact with the other children, or whether she would cling to our legs as we went from room to room.

But as soon as we walked through the door, it was obvious that this was a place where little people spend a lot of time.

On the walls were paintings done by the children. Admittedly, I couldn’t work out what most of the paintings were supposed to be.

It looked like lots of paint in all different colours splodged on the paper, but if one of those masterpieces belonged to Caitlin, I know I’d be proud for it to be up on the wall for all to see.

Caitlin spotted some children were having a story read to them. She walked over to the children and sat down right next to them and joined in with the story.

Then in another room, where some younger children were playing with a toy kitchen complete with toy cups and saucers, she walked straight over without being prompted.

Myself and Serena now feel that come September when Caitlin walks into her pre-school for her first morning, she’ll be fine about leaving mum and dad for a few hours.

I have a feeling mum and dad won’t be as relaxed about the situation.