Will you be sorry to see the kids go back - or relieved?

I don't know if parents across the region are breathing a sigh of relief knowing their kids go back to school next week, or whether they'll be sad that the little cherubs won't be around.

Friday, 2nd September 2016, 6:01 am
The Flight of the Pterosaur ride

I imagine that most will be relieved, because six weeks of entertaining children is hard work.

I only did one day of it last week and I was absolutely exhausted!

I did take my niece and nephew to Paultons Park, so to be fair to me a hot summer’s day at a theme park is quite the task for anyone.

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It was such a hectic but amazing day and we had so much fun exploring the new Lost Kingdom, which is really rather something special.

My friend Olivia Thomas composed all the music for it, so whilst queuing for the rides and trying to keep the children entertained, as well as ensuring they didn’t get burnt, I had one ear trying to listen to the music.

She did a great job and it gave me the kind of chills you get when watching Jurassic Park.

We went with my brother-in-law’s girlfriend and her twin girls and the four kids had such a brilliant day.

I was pleasantly surprised when my seven-year-old niece asked if we could go on the Flight of the Pterosaur, a mighty 395m suspended dinosaur rollercoaster.

Hollie is a little princess. I can understand her brother Lewie wanting to go on it, as he’s a proper boys’ boy, but Hollie?

By this point Vicki had taken her girls off around Peppa Pig World, so it was just me and my two.

The ride has seats situated in pairs, which meant I had to go with Lewie and Hollie had to sit behind next to another girl.

I have never checked someone’s seat belt more times, to the point where the ride assistant said ‘she’s fine, I think you’ve strapped her in enough, she’ll be okay’

As we got thrown through the sky, I tried to look back and check she was all right.

I needn’t have worried. I could hear her laughter through the screams of other excitable riders. It was a fab day and one of those that I hope the children will remember as they get older.


It was to be the romance of the decade, but apparently it’s all over.

Brooklyn Beckham and Hollywood actress Chloe Moretz have split – if the rumours are to be believed.

The couple have been spotted out all over the summer, frolicking at the beach and attending star-studded events, even walking the red carpet together.

But I’m sad to report that it is now over.

They dated back in 2014 before reuniting earlier this year, so you never know though.

Young love and the trials and tribulations of relationships and juggling their work load seem to have taken their toll.

But I hope they rekindle their relationship in the not-too-distant future. They do make a stunning couple.


I don’t really like social media – but not because I don’t enjoy nosing into other people’s business.

What I don’t like is how time-consuming it is and how many different platforms there are – you’ve got Facebook and Snapchat and Instagram and Twitter and Tumblr and…well the list goes on and on.

But since Instagram launched its Instagram Stories facility, I have become rather obsessed!

Similar to Snapchat, Instagram Stories allows users to upload regular videos or photos in a series creating a ‘story’ and celebrities like Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are regular posters.

I create my own ones too, although naturally they’re nowhere near as interesting as those charting the lives of a Hollywood star!