Wilsons’ viral egg film can teach us all a vital lesson

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There was a time, not too long ago, when Sean Wilson’s eggsploits might have been confined to a few whimsical paragraphs in The News. Perhaps the story would have been picked up by one or two national newspapers and that would have been that.

It’s unlikely that anyone in the Wilson household, or any other, would have had a camera close enough at hand to capture the moment before the egg-within-a-whopping-egg moment would have been consigned to sandwich history.

Without a picture the story would have meant little. People need to see the evidence and in a case like this, words are not enough.

Not so today in an age when apparently more than half of Britons own a smartphone or tablet with powerful camera and video capabilities.

Now the Wilsons are discovering for themselves the power of what we at The News do each day – reach a worldwide audience at the click of a button thanks to our website and, especially, with the phenomenal reach of social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

For in this digitally-savvy age, not only did Sean Wilson’s wife Marie have a camera handy, but she was also able to film the extraordinary moment too.

And now that footage of Sean cracking open an enormous egg laid by one of his hens, only to find another one inside, is about to crash through the one million-hit barrier on video sharing site YouTube.

The egg-within-an-egg film has gone viral and brought unexpected fame to the Waterlooville family.

Sean says: ‘It’s gone absolutely crazy. I put it online for my friends and family to watch it on Facebook and after the first day it got a few hundred hits.

‘The next day it was 1,000 and from then it’s become unstoppable.

‘Apparently it’s being watched all over the world. My sister-in-law rang to say she was on a website based in Los Angeles which called me an ‘‘internet phenomenon’’.’

There’s a lesson there for us all about how to reach a mass audience and generate interest – even if, for the Wilsons, it was completely unintentional.