Winners find out that dreams can come true

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Let’s be honest, who hasn’t wondered what it would be like to win the lottery?

When we buy our tickets, we imagine paying off the mortgage, buying a bigger house, driving around in a shiny new set of wheels and booking the kind of luxury holiday we could never normally afford.

For the vast majority of us, scooping a big payout remains a dream.

But you’ve got to be in it to win it and four civil engineers from a company in Fareham now know what it feels like when that dream comes gloriously true.

Tom Fox, his son Lewis and work colleagues Sid Veness and Mark Bush are still on cloud nine after their syndicate won a £1.5m share of Saturday’s £6.2m Lotto jackpot.

We can all delight in a local lottery win, while at the same time feeling ever so slightly envious of the quartet, who now have a tidy £375,000 each in their bank accounts.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that we were reporting how work colleagues at a Portsmouth sailing holiday company, Terry Hunt, Andy Wallace and Alison Gruar, had scooped £1m on EuroMillions.

Of course, these figures pale into insignificance after car mechanic Neil Trotter from London was revealed this week as the winner of a staggering £107.9m on the EuroMillions lottery.

This made him the fourth-biggest winner in the National Lottery’s history.

But the big advantage of smaller winnings is that they are not so life-changing.

Instead they allow people to live comfortably without suddenly being seen as different by family and friends.

Nor do they find themselves inundated with begging letters from people with hard-luck stories.

So we say good luck to Tom, Lewis, Sid and Mark, who only started their lottery syndicate in January and have already struck it rich.

Pay off any debts you have, treat yourself and enjoy your good fortune – as the rest of us look forward to the next big winner in the Portsmouth area.