Winning my first game of bingo really made Crimbo

Picture: Ian Hargreaves

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Happy new year to you all! Did you have an amazing one? How did you celebrate?

Whatever you did on New Year’s Eve, I hope you spent it with the people that matter to you the most.

We had a house party round my sister Jo’s – it was an awesome night, made even better by the copious amounts of cocktails my other sister, Michelle, made.

What was my contribution to the evening? Well, I showed up!

It’s great having two older sisters. They tend to take over everything and my feeling is that it’s rude to stop them, so why try?

It feels like I’ve been off on holiday for ages, although I can assure you this wasn’t out of choice. The showbiz media I work in kind of shuts down from mid-December and won’t fully be back to usual working hours for a while yet.

It’s been lovely to have some down time, especially because last Christmas we were away travelling as I was filming a documentary about vegetarian food in different countries.

Although it was fantastic and we loved every second of it, nothing beats being at home in Portsmouth with your loved ones.

You can give me all the amazing beaches in the world, but they can’t match spending quality time with family because you’ll never get that time back again.

I was particularly thrilled with how we spent one evening over Christmas. We went to my partner Matt’s nan’s house as she had invited all the Kingstons over.

After 14 years I feel like an honorary member and it was good to see everyone. I was a bit unsure at first when they suggested we all play a game of bingo and that we should each put in £1 to make it more ‘interesting’– or at least that’s what his Auntie Sheree said.

I hadn’t played bingo before so, much to the amusement of everyone else, I had to quickly catch up.

Well, you can imagine my delight when I started filling my board rather quickly. And guess what? I won. I leapt up in front of everyone and shouted ‘full house’ – or at least I think that’s what I said.

It was all a blur. I’ve never been so chuffed and it made my Crimbo!