With all that money, Shane should get his teeth done

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By now you’ve heard someone say, or you’ve said it yourself, ‘I’ve started to feel all Christmassy’.

I do love this time of year. The buzz of anticipation for the big day, the frantic activity and organisational skills needed to make sure presents are wrapped, food is bought and the chimney is swept for Santa’s arrival.

I wonder if, 30 years on, he expected that song to earn him in excess of £350,000 each year?

As the days reach their shortest, I love walking the dogs and seeing Christmas decorations begin to glow in people’s lounges.

How soon does that festive feeling start for you? When the decorations go up? When you’ve finished buying all your presents or on Christmas Eve, when you finish work and shut the front door for the holidays?

For some, that Christmassy feeling starts when festive songs start to appear on the radio.

Each December, these songs are hammered on the radio and TV music stations, featured on TV adverts or, of course, in Christmas compilation CDs we put on each year as we put up the decorations.

We love artists like Jona Lewie. Can you believe that so far this month, he’s earned £80,000 in royalties from his 1980 hit Stop The Cavalry?

If you’re a budding singer/songwriter here is my top tip. Write a popular Christmas song!

With all that exposure, the figures really do start to add up. Jona will never need to work again thanks to that No.3 hit. How would you feel each Christmas if you received a cheque for over £100,000?

For some, the Christmassy feeling just gets bigger and better. George Michael penned Last Christmas as an afterthought to Wham’s double A-sided hit Everything She Wants.

I bet he doesn’t care less that the song was held at No.2 in both the 1984 and 1985 Christmas charts by Band Aid.

I wonder if, 30 years on, he expected that song to earn him in excess of £350,000 each year?

Mariah Carey, Noddy Holder from Slade and Shane McGowan from The Pogues are also big hitters in the Christmas royalty chart.

With all that money, you’d have thought Shane could get his teeth done!