Women are still the best at job juggling

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It’s an age-old question – are women better at multi-tasking than men?

When you’re a parent, doing more than one thing at a time is just as important as feeding your children. You have to do it or things will go terribly wrong.

There is a common belief that women are much better at multi-
tasking than men and can do three tasks at once just as well as if they were concentrating on one.

Well new research says that the popular assumption that woman can juggle more jobs at once than men 
is wrong, and both sexes are equal when it comes to dividing their 

Studies show any differences between men and woman to be small, with women better in some circumstances and men in others. So what do you think?

Are woman the ultimate multi-taskers or can men do it just as well?

I’d love to say I agree with this new research and that it would be sexist to say that either men or women have an advantage when it comes to doing more than one thing at once, but I don’t.

I actually think woman are the ultimate multi-taskers.

When I was a young lad I would witness my mum act as referee when my brother, sister and I would be arguing over the television remote control, while at the same time ironing our school uniforms ready for Monday morning, intertwined with chopping the vegetables for the Sunday roast dinner and preparing a joint of meat.

I fear if that were me doing all of those tasks at once, there would be an iron-shaped burn hole in my favourite shirt and I would be on my way to the local hospital’s accident and emergency department after cutting my finger instead of the swede.

Oh, and upon opening the oven, once the smoke billowing out of the cooker had cleared, I would be greeted by a shrivelled, burnt and pathetic-looking joint of beef.

Fast forward a few years, I now 
live with three females – my partner Serena and my two daughters – and 
I’m now witnessing the same multitasking skills in them that I saw in my mum.

Caitlin, aged three, can jump on 
her trampoline while eating a lolly while telling me about her day at nursery.

Alyssa, aged two, can watch Peppa Pig on TV, while having a poo in her nappy while drawing pictures with her crayons.

I watch in awe as Serena multitasks every waking hour, performing endless combinations of chores and activities.

I admit I am rubbish at multi-tasking, but living with three woman 
who do it so well, do I really need to worry?