Women, don’t patronise us – we’re as responsible as teens

Reaching boiling point!

ZELLA COMPTON: Too many cheery reminders of just how special I am ...

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If you’re a bloke and live with a female partner, do you ever feel really patronised by them 
if they go out for the day and leave you a ‘to do’ list?

Leaving behind a ‘to do’ list is a classic female thing, but do women ever stop to think that they’re treating their partners like five-year-olds?

Because they are! It’s incredibly patronising. When men are left on their own in the house, they don’t want to be treated like five-year-olds.

Most of us want to be treated like 14 or 15-year-olds thanks very much, i.e. given minimum responsibility and some money for food and drink!

A little restaurant query for you.

Do you ever feel a bit uneasy if you go to a slightly trendy restaurant and 
they serve you a meal on what’s basically a piece of slate?

I know it’s meant to look different and stylish, but I’m still not sure about it. I mean at the end of the day, it’s like you’re eating your dinner off a roof tile, isn’t it. What next? Are they going to serve you food on squares of lino or carpet tiles?

Have you started doing one of the traditional autumn rituals?

I’m talking about digging out your winter socks from the back of your sock drawer.

It’s that time of year when you have to pull your sock drawer all the way out in order to bring forward your longer, thicker socks that all got pushed to the back of the drawer and say goodbye to the tiny thin socks you’ve worn throughout the summer.

Winter sock shifting – it needs doing today!

Something interesting I found out about British people recently.

Almost half of us have some German in our genetic make-up.

You know what? I read that and it made me want to slap the person who did the research… on the thigh with some oompah music playing in the background.

So I must be one of them!

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