Women of the world need to get savvy over bed-changing

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We’re a nation of mucky devils, according to a survey that says one in six of us only changes our bedding once a month. But we all know where the fault lies with this one, don’t we?

There’s a clear reason why our bedding goes unchanged for so long – men have a pathological inability to work out the humble duvet cover because their mums never made them do it.

Just the thought of encasing our king size duvet in a new cover brings my husband out in a cold sweat.

Beads of perspiration roll down his furrowed brow as he tries to get the corners in the right place. In the end, it’s quicker to do it myself.

But if we taught teenage boys how to do this (and let’s face it, they’re the ones who need a masterclass most) we’d crack this once and for all.