Work hard and you could be a winner

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The News’ Hair and Beauty Awards was a brilliant opportunity to recognise the sheer talent and determination many have to succeed in this area.

At a gathering of hundreds of professionals it was a great opportunity to celebrate and honour their hard work. It was humbling to see so many recognised for what they have done in the past 12 months.

The trophies that were handed out meant so much to their colleagues, friends and family.

Their employers walked away proud of what had been achieved and, no doubt, will showcase their awards in a salon cabinet.

Hair and beauty is an industry we are all affected by in some way. From our haircuts to the products we wear, you can’t escape it. So often we take for granted the skill and precision people have in order to support the way we look.

An area that has such an impact on our local economy, with thousands of people employed in the industry, it’s important that we value their work.

The awards evening at the Guildhall, Portsmouth, was full of fashionistas who remain devoted to looking good. Their dress sense and style was clearly intended to impress. And it did.

One thing that really stood out for me was the sheer joyfulness of those who won awards. It was evident that those at the event were really passionate about what they do.

To be publicly appreciated and honoured for something you do on a day-to-day basis is rewarding. They don’t seem to be doing this in order to live, but because they really do enjoy all that they do. I think it is so important young people thoroughly enjoy the work they do, whatever that may be.

It really isn’t worth spending so much time doing something you despise. Why waste the time we have?

Unfortunately there are people who refer to their jobs as ‘dead end’ and spend all their time trying to get out of it. They then find they can’t escape.

While you have the opportunity to build your knowledge and really develop your skills, go for it. It’s so important to live life to the full and enjoy what you do.

I think young people would appreciate all that they’re surrounded by if they were consumed by something they love.

If you can demonstrate drive and determination to succeed, then you could quite possibly be honoured for all you do. Awards ceremonies are such an important symbol which demonstrate how people feel towards what someone does. Work hard and you may be there one day.