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When it comes to finding a job my generation is facing the most challenging experience.

Not only is the competition fierce with hundreds of people applying for each job, but also it seems as if it is becoming more difficult to gain the qualifications required.

In the past year we have seen our education system completely radicalised as a result of more schools failing their students.

And even though our economy now seems to be growing, we still see international businesses slashing jobs across this country.

I don’t want to sound like a prophet of doom, although it is imperative we confront reality when it is so close to home.

Day after day thousands of young people are being motivated to take up volunteering, saying it will enhance their CV, and I completely agree with this.

I have volunteered in several areas and continue to do so. By doing this you can develop many skills which are fundamental to who you become. Volunteering shows potential employers a willingness to serve and commit. Furthermore, the younger generation is being pushed to work longer during their education to qualify with flying colours, placing them at the top of the ladder, an advantage when it comes to making job applications.

It could be argued the adrenalin and optimism pumped into young people for a brighter future is one of which wastes time. All we need to do is to have a look at various news stories to understand that it is getting harder. On the other hand, it could be labelled as a good way to prepare young people for the wider world.

I believe it is important to remain optimistic despite the economy. Imagine if we dismissed the advice so many have presented. We’d be in an even bigger mess.

The continuous news of young people struggling to find a job is being drip fed and ultimately leading to increased fear. Then before you know it, the subject of university arises, discouraging so many from going down that road because of the cost and the debt.

Everyone should acknowledge they are an independent individual and because of that they are on a unique journey. Don’t be someone who allows discouraging reports to dampen what you do and where you can go.

Do acknowledge the increasing challenges to become employed, but set yourself signposts, progressively achieve and you will gain what you need. Keep fixated on your aspirations and do not become distracted by discouragement surround you for a switched-on generation will be a strong one.