Work hard now and reap the rewards

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Seventeen-year-old SAM POOLE goes to South Downs College and lives at Eastney, Portsmouth. Follow him on Twitter 

It’s that time of year when many of us are required to revise for important exams.

Now we’re in half-term, it can be even more challenging to concentrate and refresh our minds with important information.

For some, it may seem as if you’re repeating what you know which may be annoying.

At times when I sit down at home to revise, I become continuously frustrated by the distractions I allow to get in the way.

Anything from television to my mobile phone, it seems as if I’m revising what’s happening in the world rather than what I need to know for the exam.

Not many of us would approach revision with enthusiasm and excitement; it’s a reminder that we have exams on the way.

During half-term, the sun might be beaming outside, friends could be at the beach and you’re sat at home ploughing your way through text books.

Doesn’t sound overly enjoyable, does it?

Likewise, some may say that the ideal weather for revision would be when it is pouring with rain, and you’re cooped up indoors, on the sofa.

Throughout revision, we may suddenly feel the urge to go out and enjoy ourselves, wanting to make the most of our time away from the classroom.

But remember that the way you perform now will have an effect on your future.

I have met many youngsters who are completely oblivious to the importance of their future, thus they aren’t overly bothered about how they perform now.

To me, working hard is really important.

It will all be worth it in the end. If you’re a student due to sit important exams after this half term, use your time wisely to soak up that vital information.

Do what you can to know it all and thrash the exam. Many students like myself will leave college within the next five weeks and find themselves working towards their career.

It’s daunting to know that the opening chapter of our careers is so close.

But remain optimistic and relaxed towards your forthcoming exams.

Coursework is now complete and before you know it the exams will be over.