Working class or middle class? It’s not so clear-cut any more

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We keep being told we’re becoming a classless society, but is that a load of balderdash folks?

Well, just ask some people ‘are you working class or middle class?’ Many will answer that they’re not quite sure.

It was more clear-cut years ago when I was young. If you had a job (office, factory, shop), a small house and a family you considered yourself working class.

It was the professional people (doctors, bank managers, managing directors) with the posh houses, holidays abroad and children in private school who were the middle class.

If you heard someone with nicely-rounded vowels, you’d think ‘oh they’re posh, they must be rich’ or if they had the trappings of success, a flash car, designer clothes and jewellery, you’d think ‘oh they must be middle class’.

But has the snobbery of the class system shifted ?

What about TOWIE or Channel 4’s The Only Way Is Essex?

All those glamorous people, most of them have successful businesses, but with their eye-nuking short skirts, boob jobs, tattoos and estuary English (innit-wicked etc ), are they middle class?

At the other end of the scale is ITV’s Made In Chelsea, featuring Hooray Henry twenty-somethings with their plummy accents and glamorous social life.

Do they represent the middle classes?

Recently, TV presenter Paul O’Grady did a two-part programme on BBC1 about the working class. Mr O’Grady, who must be worth a few bob, was proud to call himself working class, as he came from humble beginnings in Birkenhead.

Online there’s a classic video of the Two Ronnies and John Cleese called I Know My Place. It’s still funny.

Anyway folks, I found this survey about the gripes of the privileged middle class:

Such as discovering that your Weetabix does not fit into a round cereal bowl.

Moaning about the hardness of brie or your Pimms being too warm. The cleaner or personal trainer asking for a day off. Living somewhere too posh for a cheap corner shop.

Needing a second car, but not having room on the driveway.

If any of the above distresses your pampered life, then I reckon you must be middle class, darling.