Working on this TV series has really opened my eyes

Wow, what a whirlwind the past couple of weeks have been! Last week I was down in Cornwall and this week I've been climbing up the snowy Cairngorm mountains in Scotland.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 6th May 2016, 6:01 am

It was absolutely beautiful and, as much of a cliché as this probably is, I had no idea that the landscapes were that breathtaking up there.

I’d been before when I was a child, but you just get a bit blasé about your own country sometimes, don’t you?

We all long for faraway destinations, yet working on this TV series has opened my eyes to the wonders of this country – it really is worth exploring.

We were working with the brilliant Cairngorm mountain rescue team and interviewed them about some of the incidents that have taken place on the mountain.

We also spoke to expert volunteer John Lyall, who happens to be an International Mountaineer Guide.

He took us up to one of the peaks so we could film parts of the mountain that still had snow on them.

It was beautiful but there was one problem – I was rather ill-equipped for the expedition!

By ill-equipped I mean I was in jeans and a pair of Converse.

I had to hike up a mountain and stand there filming some reconstruction scenes. Stupidly, I didn’t think about the fact the Converse, whilst practical for normal walking, aren’t waterproof and we were on snow!

This didn’t escape the mountain rescue guys, who thought it was rather amusing. Thankfully, after they’d finished laughing, they gave me a pair of mountain boots which, although warm, were rather difficult to walk in.

We got there in the end. But my unsuitable attire meant I missed out on something that looked great fun.

We needed a shot of someone sliding down a slope on the snow and my colleague did it because they were properly dressed for the conditions.

I felt completely left out. But having two return flights to get on, I didn’t think it would be a good idea to turn up with a big wet patch on my behind!


I love the royal family. I’ve made so many programmes on them that it’s kind of hard not to love them.

But I especially love the ‘new royals’, such as Prince William and his brother Harry.

They’re the most down-to-earth men anyone will come across and yet they are part of the biggest and best-known family on the planet.

I felt sad this week to hear Prince Harry say he has no memories of his childhood with his late mother, Princess Diana.

How tragic. Not only did he lose his mum in the most cruel and public way, but he can’t remember his times with her.

My heart goes out to him. Love the royal family or not, you can’t deny how great he and William are.


So Janet Jackson is reportedly pregnant with her first child at 50.

Congratulations if this is the case – although I’m not entirely sure it is.

You see, Janet took to social media to tell her fans that she was putting off her tour because she was planning to start a family with her husband.

The news came after she postponed two concerts because of an emergency ‘medical situation’.

Whether she is pregnant is yet to be determined.

Whatever the truth of this story, it will spark all sorts of debates about the age at which a woman should get pregnant.

But I think it would be fab news if she is.

Congrats to the new mama and papa Jackson-to-be (I hope)!