Workout programme was just a total DVD disaster

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In preparation for the exceptional summer we’re about to have (I’m feeling optimistic that the miserable weather we’ve endured is something we had to go through in order to appreciate the Caribbean-type weather that is undoubtedly coming our way) I’ve been training really hard to get in shape. Now anyone who, like me, has been travelling will tell you that you come back with a bit more than some extra memories and so I’ve been attempting (despite the long Easter, chocolate fuelled weekend) to whip my butt in shape.

My friend Lisa lent me her ‘Insanity’ workout DVD set, which is a multi-disc pack of insane workouts designed to get your body ‘beach ready’ in 60 days.

Each day you’re supposed to do a different disc depending on where you are in the 60-day calendar – so I’ve now found out.

Matt and I started the program about eight days ago and instantly were fatigued by how gruelling the workout was.

We were dripping with sweat, panting like dogs and both of us could barely move after Day One because our muscles were aching like hell.

Now what I need to tell you is thatbeing typically ‘me’ I made the decision for both of us that we didn’t really needto bother following the calendar.

I’ve pretty much been on some form of a diet or workout program since I was about 13 so I’m kind of a master at this kind of thing.

Well, clearly not!

After Day Seven of doing the same disc I thought I should look into what workout we were actually doing and realised that I had been continuously playing the ‘Recovery’ disc, which meant our so-called ‘killer workout’ was actually the disc you play on your one and only weekly recovery day!

Recovery? You’re having a blooming laugh – it was so hard! Apart from the fact I was pretty angry with myself for wasting a week’s worth of workouts on ‘recovering’, I was also pretty miffed as to why a recovery workout was so hard for us to do!

There I was, telling everyone how good we were being, working out everyday to these insane workouts when all we were really doing was learning how to breathe and stretch each day!