Would old-fashioned paper or new-fangled media find cat?

Eve Myles stars in the new BBC series Keeping Faith'  Picture: BBC Wales

SEAN BLACKMAN: Keeping the faith

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It was the battle of the ages.

The battlefield? North End. The weapons? Leaflets and posters versus social media and online databases. The prize on offer? The return of my cat.

First it seemed social media would take an early victory, after I carpet-bombed websites.

I even put her picture on Hampshire Constabulary’s Facebook page, to no avail.

So the paper campaign stepped up a notch: 600 fliers through letterboxes, 20 posters put up on lampposts and in pubs, shops, and phone boxes.

And the result? A victory for old-fashioned paper.

My cat walked up to a chap on the street, demanded to be rescued and he, having recognised her from my flier through his door, promptly did just that.