Would story be different if winner was ex-wife?

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Verity Lush

However, his ex is taking him to court in an effort to get her paws on his millions.

Benefits are a good thing for those who need them – but there’s a world between ‘want’ and ‘need’.

How on earth does that work?

And do some women have no shame in terms of what they’re willing to take from a man, simply because they’ve spawned some kids?

As far as children go, if you’ve given up a glittering career to have them, then I think you’re entitled to some financial recompense.

If you’ve both studied hard for years to become qualified, made it in your own careers, and then mutually decide that the female will stop working in order to have children, then that’s a vastly different kettle of fish to if you’ve given up nothing – and have, until divorce, enjoyed not working.

I wonder, would the story be different if the lottery winner were the ex-wife?

Would she be taken to court? Or agree that she should give him a substantial portion of her winnings?

I very much doubt it.

In this age of equality, I cannot fathom that we are still bringing girls up to believe, somehow, that the world and the testicles in it owe them a living.

Where is the wish to stand on your own two feet?

And why should it be the man’s sole responsibility to support children?

Ovaries do play a part in conception.

A ruling came in recently that means anyone with a child aged five must go back to work and if they don’t, then they’ll have to sign on and be monitored in their job hunt.

A friend of mine has told me that, suddenly, a lot of Year R mothers are sporting bumps again. Anything to stay on the benefits.

Benefits are a good thing for those who need them – but there’s a world between ‘want’ and ‘need’.

If you’re working as much as you can, whilst turning off the heating so your kids can eat, and going without yourself, then you’re in need.

But if you’re having a financially fine time at the hands of those of us who are working their backsides off to fund your lifestyle, then perhaps you need to take a look in the mirror and consider what your contribution to society actually is?