Wow, I reckon those guys have turned into sulky teenagers

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Here’s something that bonds us all together.

I reckon that since last Friday, we’ve all come across someone middle-aged, probably a bloke, who was moaning about the fact they couldn’t get tickets for the Kate Bush concerts that sold out in 15 minutes.

What’s funny is that when she last toured 35 years ago, most of these people were teenage boys who were in love with her.

But they couldn’t go to her gigs because they were either too young or couldn’t afford to pay for the tickets because they only had a bit of pocket money.

What’s funny now is that even though they’re now middle-aged, they’ve all reverted to teenage boy behaviour.

They can all be heard saying ‘it’s not fair’ just like they would have done when she last toured and they couldn’t go.

Some things never change!

My mate was shopping online trying to find a new toilet seat and while he was doing so he came across one called ‘the John Lewis quick release toilet seat’.

Now, he’s tried to convince me that he bought it because the quick release in the title refers to the fact that its detachable hinges allow you to remove the seat from the bowl, enabling you to clean the nooks and crannies that would be inaccessible on an ordinary toilet.

But he knows – and I know – that he really bought it because he thought the quick release in the title 
referred to the fact that it was quick to put down if you were in a desperate rush to speed to the loo the morning after.

He’s not fooling anyone, 
especially me!

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