The wrong kind of plastic which CAN be recycled... if you take it to Ireland - Lesley Keating

I was intrigued to see a well-known anti-bacterial spray now has a ‘Terracycle’ refill pack, made of flexible plastic. You simply empty the refill pack into the bottle to save money and help the environment.

Thursday, 4th July 2019, 5:16 pm
Updated Sunday, 7th July 2019, 10:24 pm
CONFUSION: Just which plastics can you recycle?

Great, but I think I’ve spotted a flaw in the system...

According to the manufacturer’s website, its current refillable bottles are now recyclable too so, technically, you can just bung them in the Black Bin, or whichever container your council provides for recyclables.

But, here’s the interesting thing. You can’t do the same with the refill pack. It doesn’t go in the recycling bin because it’s the wrong type of plastic.

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However, it is still fully recyclable.

‘All’ you have to do is go online and find your nearest Terracycle plastic recycling centre.

Easy? Well, no. Each time I tried, it diverted to the Irish site. I don’t think a depot in Galway is going to be of much use to me.

Assuming you can find one, you then have to physically take it there (during opening hours, naturally, which will vary from depot to depot). And you’ll probably have to drive there too, which adds to your carbon footprint, but that’s another story…

Even more baffling is that if there’s no nearby depot, you can apply to become a collection point yourself.

Sorry, but a bottle that can now go in the Black Bin has to be refilled with a pack you have to make a concerted effort to dispose of is – let’s face it – a highly inconvenient way? Let’s be honest, people aren’t going to bother, are they?

Human nature being what it is, most people won’t make the effort. They’ll put things in a recycling bin if it’s on their doorstep.

But I think they’re unlikely to make much effort to source their nearest depot – which, let’s face it, isn’t easy – and then go trotting off there, clutching an empty refill pack.

Yes, the recyclable trigger-spray might cost more but I know what I’ll be doing. Nice try by the manufacturer, which will remain nameless.

Empty refill? It smacks of an empty PR exercise to me.

Only a matter of time before Lionesses roar to victory

I’m sure I’m not the only one who was sad the England women’s football team missed out on a place in the World Cup final.

But, despite losing to the USA, the Lionesses can stand proud as they showed everyone what a team they were. Hopefully this will be a real turning point in the public’s perception of the game and women’s football won’t be viewed as just a ‘bit of a novelty’ any more.The Lionesses’ energy and passion was outstanding. I think they gave us a more exciting and skilled game than our grossly overpaid male team usually does.

I’m excited to see where they go from here. Hopefully the major victory they deserve is only a matter of time.

Think before you take your dog out in the midday sun

I’m sure we’re all enjoying these perfect, summer days, and getting out and about in the sunshine. But please can I just ask all dog owners to be particularly careful when walking their dogs in this heat.

Tarmac on the roads and pavements can become red hot very quickly and dogs can easily burn their paws.

If you can’t walk your dog on grass, check the pavement with your hand first. If it’s too hot for you, it will definitely be too hot for your dog.

Watch out for signs of overheating too and ideally take water with you so your dog has something to drink.

And it goes without saying, a walk first thing or later in the evening, is better than risking the midday sun.