Yippee, I’m about to bus it for free

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Like most of you, I want to reduce my carbon footprint and save the planet, but public transport in this city is rather costly.

And, according to The News, bus fares are about to be increased.

At weekends I try to leave Jemima Jalopy ( my motor) at home and walk to the Southsea shops.

Unfortunately, once laden with shopping I need to catch the bus home.

My bus fare is £1.90 for six bus stops. I think that’s quite expensive.

Plus, even though I’m fighting the flab and losing weight, if I sit on an aisle seat, one bottie cheek hangs off. Not comfy, dear.

I’ve been meaning to have a toot about my bus fare for ages.

But now, as I’m only five months off my OAP bus pass, it doesn’t really matter because I’ll soon be bussing for free. Yippee!