You can rely on a runny nose

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It’s nice to see that some things at school never change.

In the digital age where everything changes in the blink of an eye, and you can speak to anyone in the world at any time from the time machine in your pocket, school children look and act just the same as we did.

When I pick up my daughter Molly from school, I scan the playground and – aside from the Nintendo DSs and iPods – I could easily be back in 1980.

There is always one child with the following – a plaster cast on; holes in their knees; a plaster on the corner of their glasses; ill-fitting clothes that have been passed down by an older sibling; someone with pen on their face and hands; and the age-old favourite, the child with the relentlessly-runny hooter.

In the year 2097, as our great-grandkids finish for the day at their floating school laboratories in the sky, I know there will be a child heading home on his hover scooter, wiping a snail-trail up his sleeve.