You have to be young and cool to understand meaning of ‘dope’

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Passers-by glanced in bewilderment as this pink- haired sweet old duckie was giggling away to herself.

So what had tickled my ‘g’ spot (giggle, that is)?

There, in a shop window was a display of brightly-coloured baseball caps with ‘DOPE’ embroidered on the front.

To many OAPs’ confused little grey cells, ‘dope’ has two meanings - either drugs or a stupid person.

So why would anyone wear a hat telling everyone they puff on wacky baccy, or they’re just plain thick?

Ah but it’s like ‘wicked’ (real meaning morally terrible, evil and sinister). Now in yoofspeak, ‘wicked’ means great, fantastic.

So ‘dope’ has a modern meaning – mainly due to singer, producer and star of BBC1’s The Voice

On the show the efferv-escent Mr calls acts he’s impressed with ‘dope’, which now means in yoofspeak brilliant, great etc.

By the way folks, I’d like to pop into my

zebra print bucket-style bag, where he’d have plenty of room to sing and poke his head out to shout ‘dope’...he is such a cutey pie.

Anyway I had a little smile to myself as I carried on my jolly jaunt.

Maybe today’s yoofspeak is payback for us children of the 60s who drove our

parents bonkers with the word ‘fab’.

Everything was fab, she’s fab, he’s fab, The Beatles are the Fab Four, fish and chips for tea – yeah fab!

Mind you, we have today’s equivalent of fab – COOL!

Which of course drives me bonkers.

I was in conversation with a yoof the other day

and his every comment to the things I was saying was ‘cool’.


I don’t like all these buzzwords, not to mention textspeak.

Will we eventually lose the use of all those simply delicious words like mellifluous, cornucopia, curmudgeon that wrap around your tongue, bursting forth through the lips in a puff of glory.


So folks, if I get a woolly pompom hat embroidered with ‘ WICKED DOPE’, does that make me doubly COOL?