You might as well fit a sauna and watch the TV in there

Broadcasting legend'''Fred Dinenage    Picture: Malcolm Wells (141209-0357) PPP-140425-154506001

RICK JACKSON: My long-term bid to become the Fred Dinenage of radio

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The nights are drawing in and the mercury has started to drop.

This can only mean one thing – battle lines being drawn up and down the country. The great war of the thermostat is upon us.

Every year it’s played out in households throughout the land.

And every year the men of the house must prepare ourselves for this war of attrition.

Anyone passing the hallway is questioned closely about their intentions and the thermostat is checked at regular intervals for any sign of tampering.

One minute it is set to 20, then your back is turned for five minutes and it’s been cranked up to 30!

You might as well just install a sauna and watch the TV in there.