You roadhogs need to start indicating

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Indicate, you ’orrible Pompey road hogs!

Myself and oodles of my pals are sick to death of some of the city’s motorists who swerve across lanes, turn corners, stop, pull out and don’t indicate.

It’s lucky there are so many alert and defensive drivers around, or there’d be many more accidents.

With the festive season in full swing and lots of stressed drivers out and about in our congested city, try to be courteous and indicate please.

Now, if you’re around Portsmouth’s Sainsbury store today at noon, I’ll be in the car park doing a free Zumba class. Do come and join me.

Tomorrow, it’s the annual RNLI Santa Fun Run on Southsea promenade.

More than 1,500 ‘Santas’ will be running. The 10k event leaves South Parade Pier at 10.50am, and the 5k run leaves the Rock Gardens at 11am. Great fun.