Young people need to understand the importance of NHS

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Sam Poole

The NHS remains at the top of our news agenda, with political parties doing all they can to impress how they will protect its future.

There are some countries that don’t have free healthcare, so we should be grateful for what we have available to us

At some point, we’re all affected by the NHS.

It may have been introduced by the Labour party, but it’s something valued across the political spectrum.

There has been so much controversy about the NHS in the media.

As a result, so many people have an opinion on the way it operates.

But how many young people actually have a view on the NHS? And do the younger generation truly understand what it’s all about and how relevant it is today?

Without a doubt, the NHS is held in higher regard by the older generation.

Maybe this is because they have needed its services and understand its importance.

The future of the NHS is always the subject of a heated discussion.

On one hand, many claim that it is crumbling and will ultimately become privatised resulting in fewer services.

Privatisation may lead to less provision for those in need.

On the other hand, people argue that it should remain a service paid for by tax.

This could, though, limit the services commissioned due to funding challenges.

We all have different ideas on how something should be overseen.

But until we try other methods, we won’t really understand what would work best.

The NHS is a service free at the point of need and is envied by many across the globe.

There are some countries that don’t have free healthcare, so we should be grateful for what we have available to us.

In the 1980s, the then prime minister Margaret Thatcher wanted to impose a similar health system to that of America, where healthcare comes through insurance.

Thus no insurance would result in no, or limited, healthcare.

I believe young people should really understand the relevance of the NHS and have an awareness of how it can impact on them.

Young people should be serious about the system that supports the health of all of us.

We should want to ensure it has a secured future and that those who need support, regardless of their ability to pay, should get it.