YouTube not a professional medium? Don’t believe it

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There used to be – and still is to a degree – a stigma attached to being a ‘YouTuber’.

I know this because I’m in the media industry and being on You Tube or being a ‘YouTuber’, a term usually associated with those who do it full-time, has a certain reputation among those who just don’t consider it to be ‘professional.’

I guess I was one of those people – I must have been, otherwise why wouldn’t I have got on to YouTube years ago?

I think working in TV, especially at producer level, has delayed me going on YouTube.

That’s one of the reasons why I started my series How To Become A YouTube Star, which is on my new channel CherylChats (yes, I took the plunge).

Each week I interview a successful YouTuber and, four weeks into the series, I can honestly say any previous thoughts I’ve had about it not being a professional medium or outlet for creativity have well and truly gone.

My goodness it’s hard work.

Seriously, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it because, hand on heart, the work that goes into uploading a video every week is quite incredible.

Naturally being in the media business, I can’t just put out anything.

So I’ve spent some time on the production quality and ensuring that it’s edited well.

The work that goes into uploading a video every week is quite incredible

But it’s all the ‘back end’ work that goes into it which is really tiresome – the social media, the analytics (basically trying to make your video ‘seen’) trying to get more subscribers.

And by the time you’ve done that, the next week has come around and you’re going through the process all over again.

I just don’t understand how the SacconeJolys accomplish that.

They’re the Irish family I spoke about a few weeks ago who now live in London.

They YouTube their lives every single day, seven days a week, all year round!

What the heck? How on earth do they manage that?

Well if you want to know how, and indeed why, their interview with me is up on YouTube now and it is genuinely quite fascinating.

It’s also up on my website –