ZELLA COMPTON: Now's the time to ban smoking in ALL public spaces

Okay smokers, here's one for you. You're not going to like it but it has to be said. I'm fed up sucking down your second-hand goods.

Tuesday, 4th July 2017, 9:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:27 am

I’m tired of having my lungs filled with the stench of your cigarettes. I’m repulsed by the smell, the taste and the texture entering my body.

Even when I spy you and have time to cover my mouth and nose with a suitable material to keep your disgusting habit away from me, I’ve had enough.

It’s been 10 years since the smoking ban in pubs etc. I hated it when it came in as it affected my smoking pleasure. For I was a smoker for a long time and accept ex-smokers are the worst critics of current smokers. But I’m now advocating a ban on smoking in public places too. And yes, that includes you vaper-people.

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Take your foul habit and go somewhere away from the rest of us. Because, let me be clear, being outside and puffing away is vile for anyone standing within 10 feet of you and your streaming noxiousness. Just because there’s clear sky above doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t breathe in your leftovers.

High streets are one of the worst places; negotiating hotspots of fumes and crowds is also tricky; at festivals, when you’re stuck next to someone who can’t get through 10 minutes without lighting-up. If someone next to you was spraying you with water, would you get annoyed? Or lighting foul-smelling candles and waving those under your nose? Or any of a hundred anti-social behaviours?

That’s what smoking is, anti-social, and for too long we’ve become complacent, taking the idea of passive smoking to mean sucking down second-hand smoke, and passively accepting it too.

That’s enough. It’s time to ask smokers to stop smoking in public places where other anti-social behaviours are banned. Take your vile habit and hide it away.

Ten years ago I would have felt righteous fury, as a smoker, reading these words. I would have wittered on about freedom and rights and how much I contribute to the public purse without once acknowledging the damage I caused to other people.

Well, suck it up smokers, I’ve been there, and I’m still calling you out.

You stink. It’s time to change.


However much I may dislike our current government and prime minister, I am utterly gladdened we don’t have Theresa May tweeting personal attacks against people she doesn’t like.

It’s unthinkable that a British PM would talk about facelifts and bleeding and other such disgusting comments.

I am of course speaking of Donald Trump and the vile nature of his interactions on Twitter.

How his party, or wife who is supposedly going to campaign against online bullying, haven’t stood up to him and stopped this is beyond me. The man is disgusting and out of control. He’s also the supposed leader of the free world. Let’s hope we have the strength of character not to follow.


Embarrassing-mum-of-the-year moment occurred last weekend when travelling back from London on the second to last train of the evening with my two teenage daughters and husband in tow.

Every seat was taken, and the doorways stuffed with people as we dashed up and down looking for space, begging people to move up for us.

We were met with blank faces and ‘no room’ stares.

So I had to heckle, and point out all the space in the carriages between the seats and berate and cajole until finally one group of sardines moved and let us on.

But seriously, if you’re on a train and it’s busy and there are people on the platform desperately trying to get home, move up when there’s space.