Our real aim is to promote responsible ownership of dogs

TRAINING The opening of a new dog training field run by Bark 2 School. Picture: Paul Jacobs  (13902-1)
TRAINING The opening of a new dog training field run by Bark 2 School. Picture: Paul Jacobs (13902-1)
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IT IS important that all puppies are given the opportunity to develop into a happy and well balanced dog.

To achieve this, it is beneficial to begin training as early as possible.

Very quickly puppies mature and learn new behaviours (sometimes not the ones we want) and it can be more difficult to train them later in life.

It is far easier and more effective to teach a puppy the appropriate behaviour and to prevent behavioural problems developing as they mature.

We have teamed up with Fareham Creek Vets in East Street, Fareham, to offer puppy socialisation classes.

These puppy training classes are four-week courses for puppies from eight weeks up to 14 weeks of age.

After 14 weeks they come to HEDCA Hall in Gosport where they continue their social skills training and start obedience.

We encourage all the family to come along and learn, and for this reason our puppy socialisation classes are kept small to allow for a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

We’ve been doing them for a couple of years now.

We try to get puppies as early as eight weeks, but it really depends on their inoculation programme.

Because we have great experience in behavioural work, we try to avoid them becoming the other types that we talk about that are unsociable with other dogs.

The classes are all based on teaching the dog social skills and how to look at body language.

If the owners work hard with our Bark 2 School programme we can avoid dogs coming back to us six months down the line for a behavioural consult because their dogs have become over-socialised.

ROS FREEMAN runs puppy classes at Fareham Creek Vets, in an effort to help

owners train up better dogs