Outdoor learning is the key

DEVELOPMENT Noah Carter (centre) with the Zurich Community Challenge team at the quad.
DEVELOPMENT Noah Carter (centre) with the Zurich Community Challenge team at the quad.
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Tammy Kent speaks of how her old school is developing to give future generations a better learning environment

Gosport, welcomed its first wave of students on June 5, 1929, as it was opened by the Mayoress of Gosport Mrs Kent accompanied by the Mayor Alderman BA Kent.

On May 18, 1942, school meals were served for the first time in an outdoor hut in the quadrangle, now more affectionately known as ‘The Quad’ by many people who attended the school and residents who live in Gosport.

My aunts and uncles attended this school, as did I and now my daughter is at the school and will be moving into year four at the start of term, along with my son who is due to start in September.

It’s a much more bright and modern school these days, with lunch being served in the school hall and the quad being used for learning and art activities.

Noah Carter, the school’s Emotional Literacy Support Assistant, wanted to liven up the quad area and he knew exactly where to turn.

The Zurich Community Challenge is an annual event that Zurich bank does nationally as a team-building day.

‘We filled out a request form and we were lucky enough to be chosen,’ said Noah.

‘They split our challenge into two so we have two teams coming in. One is for the quad and one for the old adventure playground to make it into a quiet area.

‘It’s great for us to improve the school environment and make it a lovely place to learn. It’s the heart of the school and the children can see it all day long.’

The school recently held a super learning day where the children spent time with other teachers and other class mates while redesigning various new things for the quad and exploring nature.

The students wrote poems, sketched flowers and even designed their new bug hotel for the quad.

Noah is excited to be able to spend time in the new quad with the children relaxing, enjoying the nature and the wildlife while helping them discuss their feelings.

‘Outdoor learning is a really valuable thing to provide children and thanks to the Zurich Community Challenge we have great new things in our already brilliant quad, including diverse plant life and the new bug hotel making the quad a lovely outdoor classroom,’ he said.

In September the school’s PTA and friends of Brockhurst are looking forward to holding a grand opening of the newly redesigned quad and the new parents room that is being made over by the school’s caretaker Mr Rustell.