‘Overweight and a borderline diabetic it was time to act’

CONSULTANT Vanessa Styles
CONSULTANT Vanessa Styles
Picture: Andrew Rundle Digital Art & Photography

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A DIET where you never go hungry – sound too good to be true? It did to me too.

Having been overweight for most of my life, I thought that the only to lose weight was to embark on a strict diet plan.

Over the years I have tried many, always with doubts that they would not give me the results I wanted.

Then in 2008, having been ill over a long period of time, I discovered that I had high blood pressure and was a borderline diabetic.

It was time for action.

I knew I couldn’t do things on my own so I went to my doctor and was surprised when she understood. She gave me a choice of plans to choose from and I chose Slimming World.

Feeling uncomfortable, I went to my first Slimming World group in January 2009.

The consultant was friendly, and she went through the plan. She explained how to adapt my life to a new way of preparing food and cooking.

My journey has not always been easy, but with just a few simple tweaks, I can still have my favourite meals.

On this journey, I have changed habits and even though it has been a challenge, I have enjoyed it.

My husband didn’t even join Slimming World, but he has been supportive and has lost weight too!

The weekly group meetings are fun and you learn new methods, as well as having a laugh, a cry and receiving encouragement.

I have lost three stone and I’m on track to reaching my personal target.

I run a group on a Wednesday. 5.15pm and 7.15pm, at St Jude’s Primary School Hall, Bishopsfield Road, Fareham.

A new group is starting on February 20 at 1st Catisfield Scout Hut, BlackBrook Road, Fareham on a Wednesday morning at 9.30am.

I’d love to see you there.