Owners of haunted homes are hunted

HAUNTED Hampshire householders are being invited to open their homes to ghosthunters.

The UK Paranormal Research Society reckons the county is crawling with ghostly apparitions and spirits – and is just dying to investigate.

Society founder Andrew House said: 'We travel all over the country investigating the paranormal but we think Hampshire is an untapped resource.

'People tend to think of York and London as places to look. But there are so many old houses and places in Hampshire that haven't been investigated yet. That's why we want to focus here.'

Mr House said: 'We want to get in touch with people who notice anything, ranging from noises in the night to cold spots.'

The 24-year-old said that investigators usually began by asking residents to keep a diary of oddities within the home. Then the team would spend a night in the property.

He said they would hold a seance followed by an electronic voice phenomena test.

This involves asking questions, recording what may seem to be silence and then putting the tape through a computer with the aim of hearing answers.

He said: 'But I've got to make it clear that no harm will come as the result of our experiments. We take our research seriously. We are a non-profit organisation, funded by the members who all pay a charge to attend an investigation.'

Contact Mr House on 07739 844900 or you can visit www.ukparanormal.org.uk.