Palm oil washes up on Gosport beach

An example of palm oil
An example of palm oil
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PALM oil has been found on a beach in Gosport.

The small pea-sized lumps were discovered by the council today after a dog walker reported her pet had become unwell.

Although harmless to humans, palm oil is poisonous to dogs and birds.

Graeme Jesty, emergency planning officer for Gosport Borough Council, said: ‘Palm oil was first washed up in Cornwall about Christmas time, when the bad weather first began.

‘However, the recent bad weather has resulted in a lot more of the waxy white substance being washed up along the coastline.

‘We would encourage people to ensure their dogs don’t lick or eat it as it can lead to gastro-intestinal symptoms of sickness and diarrhoea.

‘It contains a lot of indigestible fat that can lead to pancreatitis and even obstruction of the gut, making the dog very ill. ‘

Mr Jesty advised people to keep their dogs off the beach or make sure they are on a lead.

He added that people can clear up palm oil themselves, but advised them to wear gloves when touching it.

Alternatively people can contact Gosport Borough Council on 08000 198598 and they will remove it.