Palmerston Road is still causing issues a year after changes

Linda Symes
Linda Symes

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JUST over a year ago the southern end of Palmerston Road was closed to most traffic.

While spending money in Southsea is always welcome, this closure has proven controversial.

There was little consultation before the scheme was implemented and no thought was given to the wider traffic implications of closing a major artery.

Nearby Lennox Road South became overloaded with displaced traffic.

Residents protested to their local councillors and the result was the closure of both that road and the adjoining Villiers Road.

However, this has just pushed additional vehicle movements on to roads further to the east and west.

Now the same local councillors are promising to erect bollards and close down those roads as well.

The catalyst for all this chaos is the shutting off of Palmerston Road South in isolation.

Many businesses in the street are reporting a downturn in trade, in some cases by as much as 50 per cent.

This loss of income threatens the small traders that typify many streets in Southsea.

Were the council trying to create a café culture – as it says it was?

Why did it choose to close Palmerston Road South when it only has a handful of restaurants in it?

Had the council consulted properly at the beginning, all these issues could have been raised and dealt with then; now it’s a mess.

A petition has been started to ask the council to suspend the scheme until proper consultation is undertaken and a traffic flow plan for the whole area produced.

The petition is at