Party to thank everyone for support

CHANGES Holy Trinity Church's welcome area
CHANGES Holy Trinity Church's welcome area
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IT’s High Time that we had a party at Holy Trinity Church!

Just under two years ago at Holy Trinity, we launched our High Time appeal to repair the church tower, restore the clock and bells and refurbish an area inside the church to make it more welcoming.

We reckoned this would cost around £500,000 and set about the daunting task of fundraising.

We’ve nearly completed the task and we’ve had a high time achieving this!

So it’s time to celebrate. On April 22, we’re having a party to say thank you to everyone who has supported and worked with us – local businesses, Fareham College staff and students, regular churchgoers and visitors who’ve just popped in, Fareham Borough Council, the Heritage Lottery Fund and other grant-making bodies.

We’re really grateful to The News too, for giving us lots of publicity!

Together we’ve been able to make the church safe and more welcoming and, thanks to the clock, we all know what the time is.

We’ll be celebrating generosity: people have dug deep into their pockets – when there’s not a lot of cash to spare. People have given us their time and talents (musical and others) and there’s been lots of laughter along the way.

We’ve made new friends, learned new things, worked hard and prayed hard.

Churches are not just buildings – they are living, functional spaces that serve many purposes.

They remind us of our history by linking the present with the past.

They’re a gathering space for people to mark a milestone in life, or celebrate life with God.

And in them we find much-needed moments of solace or peace.

Just like people, they’re loved but they also need a make-over at times.

We hope that the changes we’ve made inside Holy Trinity enable more people to feel welcome, and that this particular special space will continue to serve and be at the heart of our community.

Thank you everyone for your support.

Holy Trinity Church, West Street, Fareham, PO16 0EL

Part of the parish of Holy Trinity with St Columba, Fareham

Rector: The Rev Sally Davenport

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