Paulsgrove scouts are getting stuck in

DIGGING Katie Crowe helps out in the garden at High Slopes
DIGGING Katie Crowe helps out in the garden at High Slopes
A police car parked outside Catherine House in Stanhope Road, Portsmouth, earlier tonight. Picture: Byron Melton

UPDATE: Man, 20, arrested after ‘suspicious object’ is found at student halls in Portsmouth city centre

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A GARDEN has been created thanks to the hard work of a Scout group and members of the community.

Members from the West Paulsgrove Scout and Community Association got our their digging tools to create the greenery.

The planting took place outside The High Slopes Community Hall, Carlton Road, Paulsgrove.

Small bushes and plants were planted, as they are easier to maintain, and a barbecue was also held.

Beaver leader Louise Johnson said: ‘There were about 50 parents and children about and the day went well.

‘We were gardening between 5pm and 7pm and we were lucky as they were the only two dry hours in the day.

‘I’m really proud of the work everyone, and in particular the children, put in.

‘They worked really hard.

‘And hopefully if the garden is still there in 10 years time then the kids will be able to walk past and say they planted the bushes.’