Pedal-powered smoothie maker is a lesson in life

PEDAL Cllr Julie Butler powers the bike to make a smoothie
PEDAL Cllr Julie Butler powers the bike to make a smoothie
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YOUNG people worked up a sweat and learned just how much energy is needed to power electrical appliances – by cycling on a pedal-powered smoothie maker.

The students visited the East Meon Sustainability Centre.

The centre, which focuses on environmental issues, bought the special bike with the help of a grant from East Hampshire District Council.

Penny Rose, education officer, said the clever cycle, which generates electricity as it is pedalled, helps bring home important lessons in energy conservation and usage.

‘You really get a good idea of how much energy we need when you have to power something yourself,’ she said.

‘It’s a good way of creating sustainable energy and it’s a lot of fun as well.’

The bike can generate enough electricity to power a variety of 12-volt gadgets, including mobile phone chargers and radios.

But the smoothie maker is the most popular accessory, giving the kids a delicious drink for their efforts.

East Hampshire’s community forum granted the centre £800 towards the equipment, which cost £1,200 in all.

Councillor Julie Butler, chairwoman of East Meon’s community forum, said: ‘It’s only when you have a go on this that you realise how much energy it takes to power things.’