Pensioner rescued from church tower after falling as he put clock forward

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  • Four-hour operation to help man at St Peter and St Paul’s in Fareham
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FIREFIGHTERS spent four hours rescuing an elderly man who fell 15ft trying to put a church clock forward.

The man, in his 80s, slipped from a ladder at St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Osborn Road, Fareham, just after 8pm on Saturday.

He did not want to go to hospital but the paramedics insisted to be safe

Father Roger Jackson

As a precaution, the emergency services were contacted and it was several hours before they could safely get him down the winding, narrow staircase to waiting paramedics.

Father Roger Jackson, the priest at the church, said: ‘They did a splendid job. They were very patient with him.

‘He spent the night in hospital as a precaution but he was not seriously injured. He did not want to go to hospital but the paramedics insisted to be safe. I expect he is already out.’

Crew manager Mark Ryder, from Fareham fire station, said: ‘The gentleman fell between 10ft and 15ft from a ladder as he was putting the clock forward.

‘He wasn’t seriously injured but we had to get him out safely and in a controlled way. It was a very, very confined space with very tight access. We had to lift and shift him in a very small space without any equipment.

‘We managed to get him through a tiny little space using a harness with a rigid back to immobilise his upper body to protect his back.’