Pensioner’s shock as tent flies over houses

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Police in Middle Street, Portsmouth, over the weekend.

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A TENT soared across the skies, clearing the tops of two bungalows as a pensioner watched on.

Joan Bond, 69, of Grove Road, in Forton, Gosport, was in her kitchen when she saw the wind carry the round tent into the air on Thursday.

She said: ‘I was watching out the kitchen window when I saw it sailing across two bungalows and it landed in somebody’s garden. I’ve seen all kinds at my age but this is a new one – I’ve lived all over the world, in South Africa and Ecuador, but I’ve never seen anything like this before.

‘It was completely together, it even had the front sheet on. There’s some funny things in Gosport but this was a new one on me.’ It happened at 2pm.