People being bullied must find help from wherever they can

'HELP IS OUT THERE' Rachel St John, from Gosport
'HELP IS OUT THERE' Rachel St John, from Gosport
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I HAVE noticed more articles in the press about young people taking their lives because of bullying.

It is an upsetting fact that at least 20 children and adolescents a year commit suicide because of being bullied.

I assume that some readers of The News have experienced bullying in one way of another.

In fact, according to Ditch the Label, an anti-bullying website, 69 per cent of people encounter bullying during their lifetime.

Be it from your neighbours, troublemakers back in school days, via the internet or in the workplace – it is something we don’t have to tolerate.

Statistics show that in Gosport alone, 15 per cent of primary school children and 12 per cent of secondary school pupils have been a victim of bullying.

Furthermore, bullying now takes place in the form of social media, on mobile phones and online, leaving victims feeling helpless and isolated in their sufferings.

But what can be done?

If you’re at the point where you can no longer ‘take it on the chin’ – I urge you to take action.

Speak to someone, a teacher, boss or manager, family member or friend.

A problem shared is a problem solved.

There is so much help available out there, too – you’re not alone.

The only reason they’re putting you down is because they see something special or different about you and want to ruin it.

If you don’t have a problem, show them you’re secure and comfortable.

It’s the one thing bullies don’t want or like. I want people to overcome it without devastating consequences.