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EACH week former trading standards officer Richard Thomson answers your questions.

Q I traded in my old fridge freezer for a new one in a promotion offer after just paying the difference in price. What are my rights if the new fridge turns out to be faulty?

PR (email)

A They’re exactly the same as if you’d paid the full price for the new fridge.

Part exchange offers seem to be catching on again.

Whatever the goods your statutory rights under the Sale of Goods Act, and associated law are not affected.

Q I bought a 42 inch widescreen TV from an online retailer who also threw in as part of the deal a free DAB radio. The radio stopped working after a few months but when I emailed the online store they refused to do anything about it claiming it was a gift. Where do I stand please?

DF (e-mail)

A The retailer provided the radio as part of the original TV contract.

They are therefore responsible for the quality of both items. They will either have to pay for the radio to be repaired or replace it.

If you get any hassle, get in touch with me again and I’ll help you get it sorted.

Q Less than two years ago I had my kitchen floor retiled. Already they are showing considerable wear after such a short period of time. The contractor has rejected my claim for compensation. Do I just have to accept there is nothing I can do about it?

JU (internet)

A The contractor told you the tiles were okay when they were laid and the guarantee has expired, so you have no cause for complaint.

The law requires goods to be durable and fit for purpose, so there is a continuing obligation on the contractor to put things right even if the initial 12-month guarantee has expired.

You don’t have to take this refusal lying down.

Explain this to the contractor, and insist the tiles are replaced. If you get the silent treatment, I might be persuaded to take up your case via Streetwise.