People warned over risk of tick bites

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Hampshire County Council is warning families to be aware of ticks while they enjoy their time outdoors this summer.

Ticks are regularly found in moist areas of dense vegetation or long grass in woodland, and grassland, but are becoming more commonly found in urban parks and gardens.

The small arachnids can attach themselves to an animal or person as they brush by their habitat.

The council is warning people to keep to designated paths and avoid long grass when they can.

Councillor Patricia Stallard, the council’s member for health and public health said: ‘Ticks can transmit bacteria that cause diseases, such as Lyme disease, which can lead to very serious conditions if left untreated.

‘Bites often go unnoticed, and the tick can remain feeding for several days before dropping off.’

The only safe way to remove a tick is to use a pair of fine-tipped tweezers.

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