21 reasons we loved the Tricorn

The Tricorn Centre in April 1966, shortly before it was officially opened
The Tricorn Centre in April 1966, shortly before it was officially opened
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It was famously voted the ugliest building in Britain - but perhaps absence has made hearts grow a little fonder of Portsmouth’s celebrated Tricorn.

We posted a video of Tricorn scenes on our Facebook page and asked readers to tell us their memories of the building, demolished 11 years ago.

Some still decribed it as ugly and a monstrosity, but most had happy memories of an unforgettable part of Portsmouth past.

Here are some:-

Adele Parrett: My dad used to take us as kids to the cafe for cottage pie with cheese and onion on top. Never could make it as good as I remember from there!

Russ Cooper: Fantastic building, let down by the fact it was never maintained by the council, it also contained flats which were left to rot too. I saw an almost identical building just outside Nantes painted brilliant white, with ivy and climbing roses all growing up the outside walls, looked amazing! Loved the Tricorn!

Edward Worrall: I miss it. I used to show people the staircases and ballastrades up to the car parks and tell them my gang put those up. They’re all gone now.

Robb Pettitt: Loved it - love skating there after it closed as well

Louisa Hill: Loved going to the second hand book shop with my mum June Newnham-smith

Kevin Dunbar: Grannies nightclub, the shopping and parking, with a couple of pubs nearby. The Tricorn was iconic.

Tee D Harvey: I loved the Tricorn. My dad and uncle were security guards so it was a giant playground for me. I was gutted when they demolished it.

Sandra Harckham: There was a great clothes shop in there, called the Village.

Ashley Clements: Well I thought it was better than the overpriced car park there now. I used to love playing up there after hours as a kid

Simon Allgrove: Used to love a bit of laser quest

Kayleigh Millen: I loved Monster Mania as a kid!

Wayne George: It was a dump, but it was our dump that held lots of memories.

Graeme Beardy Beardmore I still miss that awful place!:-D Basin’s was legend

Joanna Quade: More attractive than some of the buildings left.

Michael Longhurst: I can remember driving the RN Provost vans all around the car park and loved the winging ascent and descent!

Lorraine Johnson: I used to work at the Casbah in 1977, fond memories

Derren Strowger A beautiful use of concrete!

Paul Johnson: I used to go to the club in there. Saw Desmond Decker, Bad Manners, and others

Matt Gibbs At the end it was bad, no question. But it will stick longer in the memory than anything that has come after or probably will come after. Buildings at least stir emotion, a flat car park does not. With more imagination and modern building technology it probably could have been turned round.

Frank Hutchinson: 1970 my first job in the fruit and veg wholesalers loved it

Sarah Mercury Matthews: Yes it was ugly, but there was a fairly good indoor market and what has replaced it?? Nothing but a car park, all the promises of a John Lewis and a mega fancy shopping centre never happened and never will.