22 hilarious Facebook Marketplace adverts from Fareham woman's group Trash Sells Trash

DECLUTTERING her parents house has caused a Fareham woman’s hilarious online adverts to shoot her to internet fame.

Monday, 19th October 2020, 1:30 pm
Updated Monday, 19th October 2020, 5:24 pm
Roz Thompson, 26 from Fareham, has been selling things on Facebook Marketplace using funny posts and has pulled in thousands of followers for her antics. Pictured: Wine glasses. "Dine fancy with these Villeroy-Boch red wine glasses."

Taking photos in a barely worn Oh Polly dress to sell on Facebook, Roz Thompson noticed the mirror perspective made it look like she had a tiny head.

The 26-year-old took some photos for her own amusement, and decided to upload them to her Marketplace advert to share the laughter - not realising her entertaining posts would soon grab the attention of thousands.

Roz, a pet portrait artist, said: ‘My parents have never really had the opportunity to do the house up, and the clutter has got out of hand over the years.

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"For anyone who is going to give birth to a beautiful Pyrex bowl."

‘Between me and my siblings, a lot of time and money has gone into giving us the best start in life that they could possibly provide. They’re a bit overwhelmed and I think they’re struggling with where to start with redecorating.

‘I’m helping them to sort through all their things and selling their unwanted items as well as some of my own, so they have some space and some money.’

Several unique and light-hearted posts later, Roz’s group Trash Sells Trash has nearly 5,000 followers looking out for images of her mowing the lawn in a prom dress, holding wine glasses with her feet and more.

"Adult size. Nice and cosy."

Roz said: ‘I think my favourite so far is the Venetian fish ornament ad. I was in the shower lathering shampoo into my scalp when I thought of it.

‘I got out straight away, makeup smeared all over my face, shoved some fish tank weed in my hair, and posed next to our fish tank. Our 18-year-old goldfish Bludger who is visible in the background didn’t seem impressed!’

Punters from all over have messaged the quirky trader to say she has brightened up this miserable year.

"Worn only once. Could use for a Halloween costume? Idk"

The unusual style of selling has worked for Roz, and most of the items she has listed have sold.

She said: ‘My friends and family think it’s hilarious - my mum jokingly said she’s very proud.

‘My parents are also thrilled that their unwanted items are going to good homes - we’re a family that hates waste and strive to be as eco-friendly as we can reasonably manage. I think we’re all a bit stunned by the whole thing really!’

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"Like Jason Momoa from Wish."
"Roses are red, violets are blue. Buy this Schott Zwiesel crystal glass vase, it's never been used."
"What an oppor-tuna-ty!"
"5 different wigs. Halloween costume maybe? The one at the bottom is my hair, you can't have that."
"Great for mince pies. There's about 10 weeks til Christmas, so if you made pies 5 days a week from 9-5, you can make more than 19,000 mince pies in time for Christmas."
"Just some rags to do your chores in. Nothing special. Lawnmower not included."
"Brand new with tags. One size fits all. Would make a great stocking filler, or for casual wear in the office at work."
"Frames without mount = £3, frames with mount = £4, frame with me = not for sale. Or all of them for £15."
"Worn only a couple of times when I was a pillion before I got my own ride and gear. Excellent condition. Size M. (L is for loser)"
"Halloween is coming up! Let's get spoopy!"
"It's like you're actually in a club. 10/10 would recommend."
"164x35cm. (And the shelves are 60x21cm."
"Official Harry Potter merch. Hairy legs not for sale, they just make the listing real spooky."
"Halloween is coming up! Let's get spoopy!"
Where it all began for Roz's funny internet sales. "Worn once. Last 3 photos are for your viewing pleasure."
"Brand new with tags. One size fits all. Would make a great stocking filler, or for casual wear in the office at work."
"Making it flatter than it already is. Iron is in good working condition."
"Still in original packaging. Would make a great Christmas gift."